We transform construction & developers companies into communities manufacturing industries

EPC Consulting is a firm that provides knowledge and support to developers in a series of services suited to satisfy such needs. It provides a tailor made approach to solving the creation of communities suitable to the actual Housing Market demands on any country in the world. The experience of Mexico in this industry provides EPC a vast source of knowledge and experience that is proven to be a role model in the massive production of homes and a replicable platform with solid principles capable to transform the traditional construction into a manufacturing industry.


Four elements are basic for EPC to succeed in the change from construction to manufacturing; systems, design, technology and training. Our philosophy to achieve success and results is based on these four principles which conform a technology to massively build with quality, efficiency and control.

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EPC provides proper analysis, definitions and architectural solutions to urban design and planning. Logistics, aesthetics and functionality are three main subjects that we address while providing massive housing planning services.

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EPC has constant interaction with innovations around the world, and approaches them to you. Moreover, the capacity of transforming typical construction drawings into Designs for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) provides our clients of handy tools that will allow them to expedite and give precision to their manufacturing processes. Not only the tools, but also humans are possible to transform. The interaction with so many people of so many cultures has given EPC a level of experience to provide this transformation effect also on individuals.

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EPC provides three basic services, but also tailor made solutions to our clients. Let us listen to your needs, let us understand where we can be more helpful and provide a transforming experience and there we will work together towards a successful story.

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  • Design
  • Training
  • Analysis and Project development
  • Selection of technology
  • Implementation and follow-up of systems
  • Process Mapping
  • Selection of suitable IT platform
  • Planning and Execution tracking


  1. Results oriented
  2. Flexible solutions
  3. In-House services
  4. Proven experience in massive production and Project development
  5. Solid career in the construction industry (including supply, sales and execution)
  6. International experience
  7. Affordability and project tracking
  8. Service and availability
mar 2, 2010
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